Stenter Machine

Stenter Machine

Stenter Machine

Standard Features

Pneumatic padding mangle :
The main structure is fabricated out of heavy duty M.S. –plate and incorporates with entry device, rubber and ebonite squeezing rolls SS. Tank fitted with SS. Guide rolls and pneumatic pressure system.
Pre dryer & compensator :
The system consist of 20`-30` Dia. S.S. cylinder of required with total 4“ NOs. dynamically balanced and gas heated system. Cylinders are mounted on heavy channel stritcture frame with complete accessories guide roll proved for maximum contact of fabrics the compensator unit ensuring , proper speed synchronization of the Stenter and mangle.
Bow & weft straightener :
The precise bow & weft streghtener having two curved rubber sleeve expander rolls & two ebonite coated rolls are provided for fully straightening of the fabric the auto feeding device fitted at the entry of the Stenter.

The main Stenter machine stands on C.I. casted legs which are coupled together by C.I.casted supports ensuring the vibration free movement of the machine precisely machined C.I. casted rails fitted on the structure for smooth & accurate running of the clips. We provide high quality Stenter Machine to meet Inter National Standard.

The clips are S.G. iron casted which gives long & sturdy life and special without damaging the fabric clips openers are provided at both the entry and delivery end of the Stenter. The stenter is driven heavy sprockets fully motorized & complete system of width adjustment is fitted on the machine.

The main structure fabricated out of M.S. angles &covered with fiber glass wool, pad insulated panels, which ensuring &keeping the temperature inside the chamber. The chamber covered complete length of the Stenter.

The main structure fabricated from heavy M.S. plates and 3 Nos. stainless steel cylinders with heating system which gives the quick drying for the selvedge of the fabric. The complete plating down unit at the end of the machine.

The heating system will be gas fired heating in drawing chambers is possible with infrared radiant burner fitted with copper connection. Regulating valves & needle & V type burners are fitted with required accessories.

Technical Specification


 Control panel for the machine will be fabricated by 16 guage CRC finished with powder coating after defrosting procedure panel will be incorporated with the electric switch gears as per I.S. std of required capacity.


 The machine running with D.C. drive, main drive motor of padding mangle and Stenter are teps D.C. motors reduction gear box is coupled with the main motor of Stenter machine.


 Machine will be finished with red oxide putty & primmer paint and finally with 3 coats of industrial paint. Optionally finished with powder coating process at extra coats.


 The length & width of the Stenter Machine, no. of the chambers, HP. Of D.C. / A.C. motors varies according the buyers requirements operating manual wiring diagram of the control panel & foundation plan will be provided with the machine. We reserve the right to modify / alter the design / specifications without prior notice.


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